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Are you a high achiever being drained by any or all of the challenges below?:

  • Unsure of how to gather & use all the skills, natural talents you have, and transition to doing meaningful work that you love?

  • An imbalanced focus on work, leading to other parts of yourself being neglected?

  • Stress that’s causing physical ailments that you can’t otherwise explain?

  • Not asking for help because you're the leader who should know all the answers?

  • Struggling to get results from your team as fast & as smoothly as you'd like?

  • Strained or non-existent relations with your spouse or birth family?

  • Wanting to make a career transition and not sure how?

The clients who come to Coach Cece are from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. They are bankers, doctors, General Managers, CEOs, Vice Presidents, graduates of Singularity University, members of The Golden Key International Society, leaders in tech, FMCG, private equity, health & fitness specialists, communications specialists, leaders in NGOs... just to name a few. And many are founders of their own SMEs.

When you work with The Main Protagonist Coaching, you'll learn how to be well AND how to get the results you want in your work and your personal life. Work-Life Integration is key.

7 KEYS TO work-life integration

  1. Give yourself permission - the world has changed, the future belongs to those who lead authentically in their work and in their personal lives.

  2. Prioritise your wellness - everyone wins when you do.

  3. Learn the principles of authentic leadership - use this wisdom to maximise your potential and the potential of your team.

  4. Honour and utilise your creativity - use this gift to maximise your potential at work and in your personal life.

  5. Develop an authentic and deep spiritual practice that resonates with you.

  6. Nurture your personal relationships - an extended community of other authentic leaders whom you mutually elevate.

  7. Get ongoing support from a coach - a professional to help you develop an effective strategy & the tactics that lead to your fulfilment.




Cece has coached & taught at a number of organisations, including: 

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What you'll get:

The Main Protagonist Coaching specialises in teaching entrepreneurs, leaders in organisations and your teams how to get the results you want with ease & flow. This involves one-on-one coaching programs and workshops for leaders, during which we look holistically at your work life and your life outside of work, and together, develop strategies that are easy for you to implement. That way you get the results you want with less struggle and less strain.

In organisations, the focus is on teaching struggling teams how to generate optimal team dynamics.

coach / speak / teach - You can work with The Main Protagonist in 3 ways:

  1. Engage Cece as your personal coach.

  2. Invite Cece to facilitate 1-day or 2-day workshop in your organisation.

  3. Invite Cece to speak or teach at your event.

MORE ABOUT the coaching approach

Personal coaching is the most effective way to learn and apply the strategies that successful people are using today to get the results they want.

Coaching is not counselling. We don’t discuss “what’s wrong with you”. Instead, we engage in a step-by-step process during which you get introduced to new ways of tackling your challenges at work and in your life outside of work, and new ways of generating your desired outcomes. The solutions we come up with are designed to work best for you as a unique individual - with a unique history and a unique life.

For organisational teams, you learn unique and powerful methods of generating optimal team dynamics. Optimal team dynamics bring out the best in each individual while teaching the individual how to function authentically and effectively in a group. The group wins when its members learn to be self-aware and hyper conscious of the ecosystem within which they work.



coaching programs


one-on-one coaching for leaders

Participants in this program are primarily (a) entrepreneurs leading teams or (b) solo-preneurs or (c) leaders in organisations wanting a career change. It is a structured, proven 8-step coaching program during which we look holistically at your work, your wellbeing, your relationship with self and others in your personal life and in the workplace. You learn powerful mindset & behavioural principles that enable you to be well AND create the results you want with more ease & flow. Sessions are weekly or fortnightly, depending on the pace you prefer. 

coaching for leaders + your teams

Participants in this program are primarily progressive organisations who understand that the world has changed and the swifter you are, the better off you'll be. It is a structured, proven 3-month coaching program for entrepreneurs, leaders in organisations and your teams. Your program involves one-on-one interviewing and one-on-one coaching for the team leader(s) and group workshops for your teams. This formula ensures that everyone on the team is on the same page and moving in the same direction. Every conversation is designed for you to learn powerful mindset & behavioural principles that enable you to be well AND create the results you want with more ease & flow.

1-day and 2-day workshops for teams

Participants in these tactical workshops are mainly managers and their teams, with a specific problem that they would like to tackle. Are you a team struggling to manage a recent structural change? Perhaps your team has grown very quickly and your dynamics & communications are now off. Maybe your team members are unclear about what the vision and mission are. Teams within organisations often go through short-term hurdles. But if left unchecked, these become systemic problems. These tactical workshops are designed to support your team to get back on track.


masterclasses & talks

The Main Protagonist also runs monthly events with valuable content to help you generate the results you want in life with more ease & flow. 


about cece


Hi and welcome, I’m Cece Ojany-Bekhor, speaker, trainer & coach at The Main Protagonist.

Raison d'être
Why did I start this business? It’s simple. Fulfilling your potential while thriving and having those you care about most be thriving too, matters to me.

Like yourself I have a desire and ability to aim high and achieve. In the past though, I did this unsustainably. I worked hard (rather than smart) and my life outside work, including my relationships suffered. I didn’t make the time to do any of the things I now know are vital to living a fulfilling, purposeful life.

After completing a BA/LLB (Arts/Law) at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, I joined the Strategy/Business Performance Services team at KPMG. I then moved into media planning & buying, first in Kenya with Scangroup, then in Australia with OMD. My clients included Unilever, Kenya Airways, Diageo and Roadshow Entertainment.

The question: “what am I really doing with my life?” inevitably became too pressing because my life lacked balance. This was having a negative impact on myself and those around me.

It was during this time I took a risk, changed careers and joined the now-flourishing organic food industry, where I lead and mentored the sales team at Loving Earth. It was during this time I got my coaching accreditation with the Life Coaching Institute of Australia.

Once I finished that I decided to start The Main Protagonist, a vehicle through which I express myself and do rewarding work that I am deeply committed to - helping high achievers like you thrive in your work & in your personal life. I’ve coached business owners, people in management positions and creatives.



What I like about Cece’s approach is that she naturally draws out my thoughts and feelings so that I can see myself in front of me. Since I started her program, I have gained clarity about who I am and how I want to live. I now run my own business, something I have dreamed of for a long time. I enjoy a fulfilling life, doing what matters most to me on a daily basis. I enjoy relationships with those around me. In short, I feel the wonder and excitement about life that I remember from my childhood.
— Melissa | Business Owner (Nairobi, Kenya)
I have a business coach, I read books. I watch tutorials, I meditate. Yet I had a niggling issue that had been holding me back for years. Enter Cece. She effortlessly transformed my issue into a huge opportunity for change and growth. Her ability to listen, contemplate then intuitively guide you to the place you need to be is unsurpassed. She’s authentic, wise and super connected. Get to know her.
— Ben | Business Owner (Melbourne, Australia)
My first session with Cece blew me away. Her approach is entirely unique. It drives right to one’s inner core and makes you face you fears and issues head on. My diagnosis was simple, I was suffering from the Danger of Safety. My spirit was utterly dissatisfied with my achievements because there was a sense that I could do some much more and be so much more. After 3 months of sessions with Cece, a revelation seared through me with conviction that rekindled my dwindling embers in to a blazing fire. It’s almost a year since that day. Today I am an entrepreneur and CEO of a business I have built from scratch that employs close to 50 people and I am on track to realise my dream of creating 1 million jobs.
— Job | Business Owner (Nairobi)
I had the pleasure of working with Cece in several group coaching sessions; exploring quite deeply the triumphs and challenges of stepping into the career and relationship you want to be in. I was really impressed by how Cece is able to organise discussion points so that you understand what you have achieved first, what you want, where the challenges are and what help you need to achieve your goals. I felt comfortable enough to share what was going on in my life without judgement. This woman has a wealth of knowledge. She’s done the work herself and can pull from a number of her own personal experiences. I recommend working with Cece if you’re looking to gain clarity on what you want from life both personal and professional.
— Calgary | Manager (Silicon Valley, USA)
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