Are you being drained by any or all of the challenges below?:

  • Not asking for help because you're the leader who should know all the answers?
  • Struggling to get results from your team as fast & as smoothly as you'd like?
  • An imbalanced focus on work, leading to other parts of yourself being neglected?
  • Strained or non-existent relations with your spouse or birth family?
  • Unsure of how to gather & use all the skills, natural talents you have, and transition to doing meaningful work that you will love?
  • Wanting to make a career transition and not sure how?

When you work with The Main Protagonist Coaching, you'll learn how to be well AND how to get the results you want in your work and your personal life. Work-Life Integration is key.

7 KEYS TO work-life integration

  1. Give yourself permission - the world has changed, the future belongs to those who lead authentically in their work and in their personal lives.
  2. Prioritise your wellness - everyone wins when you do.
  3. Learn the principles of authentic leadership - use this wisdom to maximise your potential and the potential of your team.
  4. Honour and utilise your creativity - use this gift to maximise your potential at work and in your personal life.
  5. Develop an authentic and deep spiritual practice that resonates with you.
  6. Nurture your personal relationships - an extended community of other authentic leaders whom you mutually elevate.
  7. Get ongoing support from a coach - a professional to help you develop an effective strategy & the tactics that lead to your fulfilment.