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What you'll get:

The Main Protagonist Coaching specialises in teaching entrepreneurs, leaders in organisations and your teams how to get the results you want with ease & flow. This involves one-on-one coaching programs and workshops for leaders, during which we look holistically at your work life and your life outside of work, and together, develop strategies that are easy for you to implement. That way you get the results you want with less struggle and less strain.

In organisations, the focus is on teaching struggling teams how to generate optimal team dynamics.

coach / speak / teach - You can work with The Main Protagonist in 3 ways:

  1. Engage Cece as your personal coach.

  2. Invite Cece to facilitate 1-day or 2-day workshop in your organisation.

  3. Invite Cece to speak or teach at your event.

MORE ABOUT the coaching approach

Personal coaching is the most effective way to learn and apply the strategies that successful people are using today to get the results they want.

Coaching is not counselling. We don’t discuss “what’s wrong with you”. Instead, we engage in a step-by-step process during which you get introduced to new ways of tackling your challenges at work and in your life outside of work, and new ways of generating your desired outcomes. The solutions we come up with are designed to work best for you as a unique individual - with a unique history and a unique life.

For organisational teams, you learn unique and powerful methods of generating optimal team dynamics. Optimal team dynamics bring out the best in each individual while teaching the individual how to function authentically and effectively in a group. The group wins when its members learn to be self-aware and hyper conscious of the ecosystem within which they work.